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Kyani Team Genesis
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Kyani Team Genesis have a mission. A mission to help as many people as possible enjoy the numerous health benefits that Kyani products have to offer.

Kyani USA and Canada Independent Distributor

Not only does Kyani Team Genesis offer the complete range of Kyani products in USA, Canada (view them here), Australia, New Zealand and numerous other countries, we also offer one of the most compelling business opportunities of the 21st century. Becoming a part of our experienced network marketing team gives you access to our team of business experts, our easy-to-use sales platform, and our innovative marketing tools.

We can even set up your very own member profile page on our website that you can use to share your story, your favourite products and a link to your own Kyani account for retail sales and enrollments! No other team can offer this level of assistance.

DISCLAIMER: Results aren’t typical or guaranteed and require hard work and skill. By referring customers, Business Partners can earn meaningful supplemental income based on actual product sales. Most people join only to purchase amazing products for personal use and earn little or no income. To see what’s possible, visit

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