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Kyani Builder Pack $ $599
Kyani builder pack

Kyani Builder Pack

This enhanced pack has all of the super Kyani products that you will want to begin your new business.
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Kyani Business Builder Pack

The Kyani Business Builder Pack provides you with your personal Kyani new distributor folder that assigns you a lifetime Kyani distributor ID number and a personal web page that will be used by you and your customers. Your Kyani distributor ID number is the way that your commissions will be tracked. With this ID number and Kyani distributor membership, you become the proud owner of your own business. Who ever thought that it could be this easy to fulfill your dream of becoming a financial self-reliance individual?

Working Outdoors


What Comes in the Builder Pack?

  • Kyani New Distributor Folder
  • 1 x Kyani Sunrise (Packets)
  • 1 x Kyani Sunset
  • 1 x Kyani Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack
  • 1 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack
  • 1 x 1 Kyani HL5
  • 1 x Kyani Fit20
  • 1 x Kyani Core140+
  • 10 x Kyani Sunrise Samplers
  • 1 – $50 Kyani Convention Credit
  • 3 months Kyani Pro



How Can You Buy the Kyani Business Builder Pack?

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Kyani Builder Pack

Kyani Builder Pack
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