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Kyani Reviews – Real Kyani Product Testimonials!

Kyani ReviewsThe Kyani Triangle of Health range of products have helped 1000s of people worldwide in various ways. This page contains Kyani reviews from both Team Genesis customers, and from other customers that have purchased Kyani through family and friends across USA, Canada and other parts of the world.

Kyani Reviews
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Recent Team Genesis Customer Reviews

The Kyani reviews below are from Team Genesis customers.

Simply ... awesome. - Kyani Nitro Xtreme

Do yourself a favor and try this product! I was told by a friend who has been using Kyani for 2-3 years and it took me this long to try it... wish I had sooner! Awesome energy and clarity (it's kind of hard to explain, but you'll just feel better on these products. I once went traveling for 2 weeks and forgot to take it with me...big mistake!)
Lorri H, San Diego, CA - 25/06/2018

Kyani Sunrise - Kyani Sunrise

Nice Product
Rachel, Canberra - 14/04/2017

Good before a busy day - Kyani Sunrise

This product doesn't give me the 'lift' that the Nitro Xtreme does, but I still feel better after taking it. I prefer when I take them both together anyway.
Craig, Houston, Texas - 28/03/2017

All day on the kiteboard, no worries! - Kyani Nitro Xtreme

My son gave me this product to try and I now use it when I go kiteboarding. Love the energy which I really need as I usually go out for a few hours. Will be buying more when I run out that's for sure.
Craig, Houston, USA - 28/03/2017
I personally don't notice much of a difference between the Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme so I find this pack better value as it's a little cheaper. (Love both products though!). Have used a lot of nutritional products before in my life and these are right up there with the best.
Mitch - 14/03/2017
I've tried heaps of nutritional products before but these are right up there with the best. When you think about it not to expensive either. 5 stars for sure!
Levi, Perth - 20/02/2017

Recent Kyani USA & Canada Reviews from Other Customers

The Kyani testimonials below are taken from customers with their permission.

I have always had trouble sleeping and it made getting up for work after a restless night’s sleep a real problem. A close friend recommended that I try the Kyani products. When I hesitated, she bought them for me as a birthday gift. Wow, what a difference these supplements made. Not only am I now able to get a good night’s sleep, but I now wake up in the morning, ready to go, sometimes before the alarm clock goes off. Before Kyani, the days seemed to drag on and on, and now I have the energy to participate in extra activities after I leave work. I really believe in the Kyani products and highly recommend that other people try Kyani because I know they will love the healthy boost they’ll gain. — Chelsea T.

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