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Note: The figures contained herein are for educational purposes only, and are not to be relied on, interpreted or construed as a warranty or guaranty by Kyäni that all Kyäni distributors will achieve the results contained herein. Individual results will vary by Distributor. Your earnings based on your participation in the Kyäni Global Compensation Plan will be based on many factors, including your individual skills and abilities, hours worked and market conditions. Simply read The Kyani Global Income disclosure can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: Results aren’t typical or guaranteed and require hard work and skill. By referring customers, Business Partners can earn meaningful supplemental income based on actual product sales. Most people join only to purchase amazing products for personal use and earn little or no income. To see what’s possible, visit

Unmatched Products and Compensation Plan

Whether you have a full time or a part time job, or whether you are a student or a stay at home individual, the Kyani business opportunity makes it convenient everyone.

The Kyani compensation plan offers you a number of various ways to achieve your goals with our proven, easy-to-use sales tools and instructional materials while providing your customers with the nutritional industry’s best supplements. When it comes to personal achievements, more is definitely better. With our remarkable supplements and exceptional marketing tools, you can achieve better health, more wealth, and more personal freedom.

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  2. Access to team only webinars, business information, events, weekly calls and more. We have micro teams across USA, Canada (view the full range of Canadian products here), Australia, New Zealand, Asia and more.
  3. Help when you need it, 7 days a week. This is our full time job and we are on hand via email, phone, Skype or Zoom whenever you need us. Your success is our success.

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9 Ways You Can Earn With The Kyani Compensation Plan

  1. A fast start cash bonus is given to new distributors who achieve the minimum qualifying rank or higher.
  2. A bonus is calculated based on retail sales and a percentage on commission volume.
  3. You earn a recruiting bonus for new team members that you, or someone in your down line, sign up.
  4. PayGate income is calculated on volume sales from your 2 or 3 leg teams that begins with you and works downwards until there is another team member who qualifies for the same PayGate. This incredible bonus system means that you can gain income from multiple PayGates within your organization.
  5. A further increase to your earning stream is when you qualify to earn a matching percentage of the total earnings from all the members in your sponsor tree.
  6. A unique incentive program exists that includes vacations in exotic locations that change from year to year.
  7. One extremely popular incentive is the Kyani car program that includes three separate levels.
  8. You earn additional cash bonuses as your business expands.
  9. And, as if all the previous income opportunities, bonuses, and incentives were not enough reasons to become a Kyani business partner, there is a leadership pool that pays cash bonuses to top leaders.

Bottom line: As a member of the Kyani business team you can establish your own working hours, you have unlimited opportunities to acquire financial peace, and you are able to spend more time with family, friends, and personal interests, all while maintaining a healthy mind and body. What is not to love about this program?


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