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May 29, 2019 | Written by Brad Russell

How Making Fitness a Priority Improves Relationships With Others

Smiling people doing power fitness exercise at yoga classAlthough many individuals view exercise as a solo endeavor, physical fitness can have a major impact on our relationships with others.

Whether your fitness routine involves solitary workouts or group classes and team sports, the positive changes to your physical well-being affects all of your interpersonal relationships.

Making fitness a priority can hone each interaction to upgrade your life for the better. A look at the top ways that fitness improves your relationship with others can help give you an edge in your daily health pursuits.

Fitness Can Improve Confidence

Numerous studies have shown that exercise increases body confidence and self-image. Although this increase in confidence may seem abstract and psychological, there are practical ways that exercise increases self-image as well.

For one, exercising properly can improve posture, body carriage, and alignment. This improvement can help you stand tall and uplifted, thereby projecting confidence to others.

In addition, research conducted at Harvard Medical School has found that fitness can reduce all types of anxiety. By reducing anxiety and engaging in positive self-care, you can interact confidently in any social setting.

Fitness Can Help Boost Mood

People on exercise bikeResearch has shown that exercise triggers the release of serotoninat the cellular level. Known colloquially as the “happiness hormone,” serotonin is a slow-release chemical that remains in the system long after you have finished exercising.

This means after the initial bursts of endorphins and dopamine neurotransmitters that cause adrenaline (or the “second wind” in the vernacular), serotonin remains within the endocrine system at elevated levels. The more you exercise, the more you can increase your levels of the happiness hormone. If you want to have a more positive impact on others, exercise can go a long way in uplifting your everyday mood.

Fitness Can Sharpen Your Concentration Skills

According to research conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, regular exercise can improve concentration, memory, and individual productivity. Throughout the study, researchers found that exercise increased oxygen and blood flow to the brain, thereby sharpening mental focus.

In addition, increases in hormonal levels within endocrine system result in greater cognitive activity. This cognitive uplift can improve everything from your communication and articulation skills to nonverbal appearance and signaling. Overall, the study found that exercise provides a great foundation for mental alertness and competence in your interaction with others.

Fitness Can Improve Bonding and Teamwork Skills

Two girl in gymThere is a reason that exercise is a popular icebreaker for everything from employee orientations to group therapy sessions.

Research shows that exercise can naturally help build cooperative skills such as teamwork, synchronicity, and problem solving.

Similarly, studies have shown a relationship between exercise and an increase in activity in the adrenal glands that help promote group bonding. Finally, working toward a shared goal (such as a team sport or charity fundraiser marathon) can also enrich interpersonal skills with others.

Fitness Can Make You a Better Role Model

Research published in Medline and PubMed has shown that people associate positive attributes with individuals who engage in higher physical activity. From an anthropological standpoint, exercise helps increase desirable traits such as glowing skin, better reflexes, and physical stamina.

In the same study, individuals also associated physically fit individuals with greater leadership abilities than unfit people. Making a commitment to physical exercise is an effective way to stand out from the crowd.

Fitness Can Help Build Your Personal Network

Happy friends having fun in fitness centerInterest in networking is one of the most signature traits of the modern era. However, a busy lifestyle and reliance on apps or devices can actually hinder networking instead of helping it.

Fortunately, committing to fitness provides excellent opportunities for social interaction. The top possibilities for networking through fitness include the following:

  • Social Network – Exercise allows you to expand your social network through fitness classes or gym membership. In addition, there are numerous online forums and blog network opportunities to find a supportive community of individuals striving to stay in the best shape.
  • Career Network – Consider joining a fitness club that caters to professionals. This can help you stay in shape and also places you in direct contact with industry leaders in a far less intimidating setting.
  • Sales Network – Maintaining relationships and exercising in group settings can increase personal business opportunities as well. For example, staying in stellar shape can be a major selling part in your participation in a compensation plan or other business opportunity. Achieving a sense of individual success and freedom offers a great incentive for reaching top fitness levels.

The Bottom Line

Whether we prefer it or not, social interaction is one of the basic characteristics that make us human. As studies have shown, physical fitness levels can have an impact on the impression we make upon others. Evidence shows physical fitness can not only expand your social circle – it can increase the influence that you have over any social group. In this way, fitness represents the key ingredient that that helps make your interpersonal experiences complete.